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Most of David Kim Whittaker’s paintings are based around an interpretation of the human head and its metaphysical core.

Whittaker’s portraits are ambiguous and appear non-specific, with an aim of representing the universal alongside the personal. The works often juggle duel states of inner and outer calm and conflict – offering a glimpse of strength and fragility, the conscious and subconscious, the masculine and the feminine. They are essentially 21st century human portraits - and could be read as utopian or/and dystopian. These universal states of conflict clearly identifiable in the works are arguably reinforced by Whittaker’s gender dysphoria and the personal struggle with a condition that he/she has learned to live with through the endeavour of expressing something bigger than oneself through painting. Something bigger where the smallness of oneself remains far from insignificant.

In 2011, Whittaker was also an invited artist at ‘The Discerning Eye’ Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. He has also shown with The St Ives Society of Artists, The Lock Up, London, in The House of Fairytales at Millennium, in an NSA Exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy, at the Hyde Park Gallery, London and in 2005 he was selected to show at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Whittaker was elected a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists in 2009 and in 1998 he was listed in the ‘Dictionary of Arts in Britain since 1945’ by David Buckman.

David Kim Whittaker was the recipient of the Towry Award (First Prize) at the 2011 National Open Art Competition. And in 2015, journalist Mattilda Battersby from The Independent described Whittaker as “a mash-up of John Constable and Francis Bacon.”